Whelping Assistance

The whelping process can be a very stressful time for all involved, even if you are experienced but especially if you have little or no experience at all.

I can normally attend quite quickly to assist the delivery of the pups and ensure all is as it should be with minimum stress for the bitch and owner.


Please note, however, that I have regular daily jobs that will always take priority

Feeding/weaning Assistance

Most litters are born naturally and go perfectly to plan, just as they should. Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong and help is required to feed the pups when mum can't. Hand rearing is not an easy task, even for the experienced breeder and if you've never had to before it can seem quite daunting and many are often clueless as to where to start. I can come and help you get on the right tracks and hopefully give you the ability and confidence to hand rear. I am also able to tube feed puppies should this be necessary and can teach you how to do this yourself.


Assistance Cost:

During daytime hours - £20 call out fee incl the first hour, then £15 per hour thereafter
After 10:00 pm - £40 call out and first hour, then £20 per hour thereafter.

Addition Costs:


Please Note: I have regular commitments during daytime hours so there may be occasions when I am not able to attend immediately.