Artificial Insemination


This service can be performed, by appointment, at your home in a relaxed, calm and non-clinical environment by our AI Technician. The procedure is quick and safe and does not require sedation or anaesthetic.
The benefits of Artificial Insemination include:


- Avoids transmission of diseases, particularly Canine Herpes (CHV), which is very common and the cause of Fading Puppy Syndrome.

- Better conception success rates
- Quick & simple avoiding the typical waiting around for dogs to get together and then seperate.

We ALWAYS use fresh equipment from sealed packets and NEVER use pre-used, cleaned kit like so many other breeders. Our biosecurity is second to none ensuring no cross contamination or spread of disease so you can rest assured your dogs will be safe.
In all instances, you will be present during the procedure.

This service offered by our technicians is intended for insemination immediately following collection of the semen sample so both the dog and bitch need to be present during the procedure. We are not able to transport semen at the moment.


Artificial Insemination Cost:

£30 for 1 mating
£50 for 2 matings
if you come to us.
For our mobile service add £1 per mile from WA9 2