Diet & Nutrition

The proper balance of nutrients is essential when feeding any animal including us humans. We all need a certain combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water every day in order to function normally. 

  • Every single nutrient in your dog’s diet has a purpose. Without them, your dog would not be able to perform normal daily activities. He wouldn't be able to fight infection or build and repair muscles, teeth, and bone. Proteins provide a source of energy and help with muscle function and growth. Fats provide energy, help the brain function, and keep the skin and hair coat shiny and healthy. Carbohydrates supply a source of quick energy that allow your dog to be active and energetic. Vitamins and minerals are essential.
  • In order to get an informed choice of the best diet for your dog, you really need to understand what different types of dog food are available, their ingredients and how it is made. Here is a description of all the typical ingredients found in dog food
  • My own dogs' diet is very important to me and I am careful with what I feed them. Which is why I completed the Canine Nutrition Diploma and will always continue to learn about canine health & nutrition. As a result of my research my dogs' diet consists of mainly raw food, some of which I prepare myself and some is commercially produced.
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Raw is best!

Although vets often discourage raw feeding, a canine nutritionist will tell you, with confidence and assurity, that freshly prepared raw diet is certainly the best. Many raw feeders claim to have significantly lower vet bills, so the health benefits of raw feeding also mean lower costs.



Kibble for convenience

The most popular diet today is kibble, or dry complete food but there are so many on the market it can be a nightmare trying to decide which is best. I know, I've been there! As all dogs are different, some have intolerences, some have allergies and what is good for one dog may not be so good for another so it can be a matter of trial and error finding a food that suits your dog. One thing is for sure though, most of the available dry foods are rather poor quality, particularly the supermarket brands. Some would say that all kibble is poor quality but there are some excellent, freshly prepared brands which contain only natural ingredients.